Development of computer vision based on neural networks for business

Automate control of work at retail outlets using modern technologies
What is Computer Vision?
Computer vision belongs to the field of artificial intelligence. It is the software's ability to recognize and classify objects based on photos, pictures, videos, and other sources. To teach a computer to "see", neural networks are used.
Computer vision studies photo and video reports of employees, draws conclusions and transfers information to other systems for further processing. For example, it can be used to control the layout of goods at retail outlets.
The software always works equally well. The computer does not miss anything, performs work on time and does not make concessions. Therefore, the data is always high quality and correspond to reality.

Monitoring the work of employees

Obtaining accurate and incorruptible data

How Computer Vision Can Help a Business

Manual data processing takes a lot of time. The computer will do the same job ten times faster and more accurately. This will speed up the time for making management decisions and increase the efficiency of business.
Manual processing of data is costly for businesses. For an analysis of dubious quality, an employee needs to be paid a monthly salary. At the same time for the operation of neural networks you need only a connection to the power grid.

Fast processing of photo and video reports

Reduced inspection costs

Employees often disregard partner merchandising standards, dress codes, and other business rules. Computer vision will instantly identify violations and transfer information to the right department for timely correction of the problem.

Compliance with company rules and contractual obligations

Computer vision based on neural networks can be used in all companies where it is necessary to monitor offline or online events, based on photo and video reports. The greatest benefit is received by medium and large businesses, because of a lot of events that need to be monitored, and for this, individual employees or entire departments are allocated.

Which Business Needs Computer Vision?

Use modern technologies to automate employee control.
We will define the needs of
your business and set goals.

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6 Steps to Integrate Neural Networks in Your Business

We will draw up a technical assignment based on your request and approve all the details with you.

2. Planning

Out-of-the-box training software integrates with the systems your business is currently using.

4. Integration

We develop software and train neural networks.

3. Technical development

The project is launched in "combat" mode. We provide full technical support. Free for the first 3 months.
We conduct Beta-testing of the project on real problems and then eliminate any shortcomings.

5. Testing

6. Release and support

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For what purposes we can use computer vision?

The technology has many uses. Let's consider the most popular ones.
Analysis of marketing activities at retail outlets.
Control of the goods design, shop windows and facades.
Control of goods stocks.
Monitoring compliance with the dress code by employees.
Automatic reading of counters.
Control of the stages of plants and animals on farms growth.
Timely detection of animals and plants diseases.
Determination of the need for watering or fertilizing the fields.
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