Viber and Telegram Chatbots for Business

Automate work with customers and employees, increase sales and get rid of routine tasks at a minimum cost.
The bot can request data of potential customers: name, phone number, mail, and then automatically transfer it to CRM for further processing by sales managers.
The bot immediately responds to the client at any time of the day, replacing a full-fledged call center. This increases customer loyalty and allows the company not to lose orders due to late processing.
Conduct customer surveys to find out the needs of your audience, their motives and a real opinion about the product. Customers respond more honestly to inanimate bots than live chat.

Lead collection

Communication with clients

Customer survey

Capabilities of Smart Mind Box Chatbots

A chatbot can automatically create a task for an employee, based on a client's request or at a specified time, and then monitor its implementation. For example, drawing up a report, holding a planned meeting with employees, etc.
With a chatbot, client can book a restaurant or a hotel room, make an appointment, pay for a product or service. Chatbot is a full-fledged sales channel.
Inform customers about promotions and sales, apprise about debt and deliver any information using messages in the bot. According to statistics, the open rate of such messages is 80%.

Setting and monitoring tasks

Reservation and payment

Sending bulk mailings

Stages of Chatbot Development


We study the business, identify automation options, select a technology stack and build an action plan.

Scenario development

We think over all the options for the client's behavior and draw up a script for a virtual companion.

Integration development

We create an API so that information about the dialogue is transmitted to third-party services: CRM, HR systems, ERP and others.


The bot is launched in Beta testing mode. We analyze its work in production and refine it.

Release and support

We make the official launch of the bot. We provide technical support for the project, give recommendations for development.

Integrations with existing systems

The chatbot integrates easily with the products you already use in your work.

Payment systems

Integration with popular payment systems will allow customers to make purchases directly in the messenger.


The entire dialogue with the chatbot and the customer's contact information are automatically entered into the CRM and can be used by managers to sell goods and services.


Prices and balances of goods, customer accounts receivable and other information will always be up-to-date in the chatbot.

Machine learning systems

Object and document recognition allows you to automatically fill out various forms based on the received data.
It can be used to keep track of existing employees of the company or to find new personnel.


Integration will automatically create tasks for employees based on different events.


Entrust routine tasks to bots and free up employees' time for tasks that really important.


Chatbots are applicable in almost all companies because of its interaction with clients and employees. A well-thought-out bot can replace an entire call center, so it significantly reduces the financial costs. It's time to automate such processes!

6 Reasons to Use a Chatbot in Your Business

  1. Reducing the cost of customer service.
2. Always up-to-date customer base.
3. Always up-to-date customer base.
4. Instant communication with clients.
5. Speed and automation of processes.
6. MVP of a mobile application.
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